What we do

We work with neuroscientists in Europe and the USA and we see our role as taking their work out of the lab and bringing it into the workplace in a really practical way. We bring hard science to employee engagement, performance and change. We do this through our consulting work, masterclasses and workshop. Hilary is a frequent international speaker. We:

  • Speak at in-house conferences (eg Leading through change, Improving focus and performance at work, Managing mental energy, Planning the working day with the brain in mind)
  • Design and deliver applied neuroscience masterclasses for leaders and managers (one-day and half-day)
  • Design and facilitate series of workshops so that people can space learning over time (the best way to embed learning)
  • Are part of leadership development programmes
  • Deliver on-line sessions

What people say

“This workshop bridges the gap between the lab and the commercial world. It is a great synthesis of scientific research and practical implementation. It enables leaders to understand the science and then apply it to improve both their own performance and that of their teams. Participants will find this evidence-based course both challenging and stimulating and it will enable them to make changes that will have a significant impact.”

“This is one of the very best of the many leadership training events I have attended”

“Hilary was an extraordinary presenter and the topic was just so interesting”

“The best use of my time for many years”

“I’ve learned more useful stuff today than in any other classroom learning I’ve done”